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Duwwa Flame

Duwwa Flame

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Liquid flame used for our duwwas for optimal heating of your favorite drink.
Unlike the regular buffet gels, this flame has a wick that directs the flame at the bottom of the pot, which helps maintain the quality of the duwwa for a longer time.

environment friendly, non-hazardous liquid fuel. It burns with a slight bluish non-luminous flame, without any smoke or smell. Burning time: 6 hours.

(Liquid flames can be found at your local co-op family center)

Product Specifications

Materials: glycol-based solvent, environment friendly

Dimensions: Diameter: 8cm
Height: 7.5cm

Care Instructions

Use instruction:
Remove the black plastic cap
Light it up using matches or a small lighter
Put it out after use either by placing the black plastic cap back on, or by using our candle snuffer available for purchase.

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