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Travel Kit Giveaways

Travel Kit Giveaways

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Our Micro Mubkhar is now convenient on the go!

This travel edition of the Micro Mubkhar includes two compact compartments for bukhoor and charcoal storage. The compartments are layered up by magnets for easy access and stacking. The leather/fabric bag brings all your essentials together for convenient travel. Item includes tongs, 2 rolls of charcoal and a lighter.

Product Specifications

Materials: Acrylic, leather, fabric

Dimensions: Mubkhar 8 x 8 x 9 cm

Care Instructions

Box cleaning: Wipe with a damp towel only. Do not use soap or wash under direct stream of water.

Note: It is not advised to store Mamoul bukhoor, due its tendency to damage/break the box.

To keep the product in its best form and quality, please follow the following instructions:
- Use only small or medium size charcoal
- Ignite the charcoal outside the incense burner

For your safety, please:
- Do not leave the incense burner unattended during use
- Keep the product out of reach of children
- Extinguish the charcoal immediately after use

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